Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...

I wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year. With facade of all the optimism for the future that is currently being presented on foundations based on manipulation and deception, 2011 promises to be quite a challenging year. It is important to be strong, deliberate and consistent. These are attributes that I intend to focus on and share this year.

I wish health.

It is important not to let distractions and stress get in the way of protecting the one life that we have. We should not let negatives turn into unhealthy patterns. Its very important to protect our mental and physical health.

I wish happiness.

Happiness is something we must strive for and share. In times where there are challenges overall, personal happiness and success are more motivating, valuable and inspirational to ourselves and others than at nearly any other time. We are all in this world together...we need to try to celebrate and share the truly valuable things in our lives and let the other stuff be relegated to the background.

I wish success.

Success, of course, is very personal. Certainly, financial and material success count, but success is really very simple and non-materialistic. I think that times ahead are going to call into question a lot of assumptions about the double edge sword of material and financial success. Keeping definitions simple and expectations grounded and healthy is key.

Again happy new year...
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