Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Moca

This is Moca (Yes Mica's Sister) and she is just tremendous...I thought is was time to introduce her...

All Index Systems Now Looking Short

In case you are wondering, the significance of the this agreement is that up until now, I have been trading reduced allocations due to the discord in the systems and focusing on swing system signals. Now that everything is in agreement I will reallocate full position sizes to all the systems that I trade.

EURO system today

Below is the final released EURO system...this has been trading live for the last several weeks and did a teriffic job today...way to go HLA. I also have built 1 minute systems for ES, Treasury Bonds and CL using HLA. The chart below represent the actual trades that were done via automation in an Interactive Brokers account.

Introducing Mica...

I don't do this very often but this my dog Moca's sister in New York...great picture.

Market update

The TF chart above shows us in a confirmed downtrend and the resistance area that I cited previously  (Blue dots) was indeed serious resistance and rejected.

Another Warning sign is that the TNA to TZA ratio is very expensive meaning that its especially expensive to be going long here and there is still a fair amount of selling pressure in the market.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More on Buffett...

SP500 still setup for a short

The S&P500 trading systems are currently looking short. If we get to levels much above here the systems will likely trigger short. I will make sure to post if any of the major index systems do setup and trigger. How it looks to me is that the jobs number on Friday will be a high probability for a short entry. Sell when people are happy and promoting trumped up numbers sounds like a reasonable trade to me.

Below is the chart that I posted last week for easy reference.

Warren Buffett Testimony for Committee on Financial Crisis is a disgrace

Check it out: Congressional Tesimony. Apparently, he simply dismisses the biggest bubble of all time as a "bubble-et" and that "since 300 million people never saw it coming why should Moody's have been expected to see it"...on its face that is rediculous.

Monday, May 31, 2010

What about the Deutsche banks?

How's their balance sheet? Thought you would never ask! Have you ever heard of counterparty risk...its waiting for the perfect moment to trigger the next shoe to drop. Right on-time! By-the-way, who do you think is one of the largest counterparties on the other side of the JPM 79 trillion ponzi scheme derivatives book? You guess right if you said Deutsche Bank. European banks are in trouble and so are the US counterparts...lets see what Bernake can come up with this time.

EURO update

What do really you have? What do not have? What are you really worth?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Fed and PPT is F**Ked

Obama loves the Fed and I said before government in general has been bought and paid by the Fed and their cronies. Please see my previous post on the subject: Votes for sale

Are you in the pocket of the government?...the wealth transfer continues

If you are not, guess who is? well your buddies at JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Tax, Bank of America and a host of other ponzi scheme, fractional reserve, derivatives money creator government lobbying manipulators...hmmmm - BANKS! The great wealth transfer continues.

Totally misshandled practices, misjudgments and corrupt politics

That's the basis for this oil spill. Five weeks ago Obama was Mr. "We need drilling in the Gulf" guy now he's Mr. TarBall. How many more lies does our bought and paid for president want to spew?

90+ years of financial abuse and nothings changed

Since 1913 our governmental system has been controlled by finance...after the meltdown and clear demonstartion of the hypocrisy of the system, reforms have been made, prognostications prognosticated and guarantees made...the irony is NOTHING's CHANGED!

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