Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes accoring to the NRC...nuclear power generation IS safe

Are we going to believe them? I certainly don't.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 not be news worthy anymore but is stil the biggest news going...

I have never done used profanity on my blog before but here goes - FUCK THE MASS MEDIA!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the trade is...

...the dollar. The thing is that the dollar is a slippery beast. I have been unwilling to miss the trade so I have a large long position in the dollar again with an average price of 74.25 ish on the $DXY - some a little higher and some a little lower. The reality is that the dollar as with a lot of currencies likes to push traders to the point at which they feel totally humiliated and wrong before they make real men out of them by getting most to flip the other direction only to get smoked. It looks like the pattern for the dollar is setting up to be a double bottom. In any case, the selling is without volume conviction and similarly for the euro the patterns are within hours of being complete. The reversal may be soft meaning that people barely notice the dollar beginning its change in direction or the reversal may be brutal. Given this market, I would lend to the which ever feels like the least likely...I am long dollar and flat most of the shorts that I took on the equity markets near the highs. This year has turned out to yield exceptional trading results and I am grateful for that. Its my view that the biggest trade of the year will be the currencies - long dollar and short euro - both of which I am in size.

The Ascent of Money...leading the descent of humanity

The accellerated path of a super leveraged debt union...

In this video...its clear to see progession through history and that the issues we are dealing with now with most of our currencies were foreseeable and preventable...what it took the US 80 years to accomplish europe has done in 12.

ECB falling apart...a big lie? not according to Barroso

And even though he avoids answering the question at all costs...he certainly will not lie to make the situation more palatable.

in case you are interested in spotting the lies, here is a good starting reference with which to watch the above video...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Almost Exactly what I have been saying...

Just without as much of the detail regarding the great money contraction and dollar shortage that has begun in earnest since around the time the Silver Commodity and Oil trades blew up.
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