Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inflation Era Economics at work...

Clearly, this kind of thinking will not be allowed to go on in the future. Tax and Spend and Spend is not going to be an American past time forever:
At any one time, the New York City school system is forced to keep about 1,600 teachers on full salary and benefits (costing about $100 million per year) even though they cannot be required to work. Six hundred are in a multiyear arbitration process for terminable misconduct or incompetence, and 1,000 are long-term layoffs from shuttered schools but whom principals continually pass over for transfer. [The New Yorker, 8-31-09]

Unions promote the efficiency model...I think? Well, that model must be hopelessly inefficient, since this type of Unionization needs be replaced
Union Rules: One subway line in Boston is still forced to employ two drivers per train when the other Boston lines, and most all subway systems worldwide, use only one. A June Boston Globe analysis estimated that the second driver, doing virtually nothing useful, costs the government $30 million annually. [Boston Globe, 6-14-09]
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