Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Martin Weiss, Phd? - "SIX DAYS LEFT to start profiting from the dollar disaster!"

"In just six short days, you will have missed your opportunity to register free for next week’s all-important online seminar.
The topic: Washington’s Secret War on the Dollar
The date: Next Tuesday, October 6 
The time: 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific, 7 PM GMT)
Your cost: Zero!
But the ONLY way we can make sure you get your instructions for attending in time is for you to reserve your place well ahead of time!
At this event, my colleague Larry Edelson will reveal ...
Why the real national debt is more than EIGHT TIMES GREATER than Washington claims: Why the full weight of our debt addiction is beginning to hammer the dollar NOW ... and why our leaders have no choice but to slash the dollar's value in sheer self-defense.
Why the world’s governments, central banks, financial institutions and super-rich investors are fed up with Washington ... why increasing numbers don’t want to touch the dollar with a ten-foot pole ... and what they’re doing to protect themselves at YOUR expense.
What the news media isn’t telling you about Bernanke and the dollar: And how global plans to stop using the U.S. dollar as a safe haven or for international trade will impact your buying power and standard of living.
What’s the next shoe to drop in this great global war on the dollar? Could the G-20 be secretly scheming right now behind closed doors to accelerate the dollar’s plunge? (My answer is admittedly outrageous and has tremendous implications for your financial security!)
Critical steps you should be taking right now to protect yourself from this great dollar disaster: PLUS, the three investments that are most likely to preserve your wealth as the greenback continues to plunge in value worldwide.
SEVEN often-overlooked investments Larry believes are the most profitable ways to harness this massive, long-term dollar decline: What to buy ... where to buy it ... and when!
But again: The ONLY way we can make sure you receive your instructions for attending in time is for you to register soon! Simply click this link to grab your complimentary registration now.
Good luck and God bless!
Since Weiss is putting the hard sell on this just like he did the Leveraged short ETF's - I think we should be considering the opposite side of this trade.

I despise high pressure tactics like Weiss uses. The best thing about this email...is that the cost is likely worth as much as the advice.
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