Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have a question...

If I were to...
  1. increase the number of troops by large numbers in Afganistan to fight 100 Al Qaeda operatives
  2. snuff out lives of Pakistani, Afgan civilians and American military personnel alike, 
  3. threaten and aggravate Iranian tensions by trumping up information that gets treated as new though we have known about it since 2006, 
  4. fail to remove a single military asset from Iraq
  5. mire the closing of Guantanamo Bay in bureaucratic paperwork
  6. begin the process of starting protectionist trade wars 
  7. solidify the misguided economic policies of the US and the Fed (and previous administrations) into a quagmire of malinvestment and deceit that will drive global economic destabilization that would, by it nature, have a high likelihood of resulting in conflict 
...then can I please get one of those nifty Nobel Peace Prizes too?

One request: Please make it possible that I be assessed based on 9 months of my stated track record.

One more question: Was Obama REALLY surprised? He applied for the nobel peace prize in February 2009 being president for less than 12 days and before he had ANY noteworthy influence on any significant foreign policy in his career. 

Ron Paul has an interesting perspective...
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