Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is not Bullish

NASDAQ 100 was very weak on friday...and has produced these charts...while it is conceivable for a pop seems more conceivable for a drop in these issues after any pop...I will post some index charts as well.

The dollar has completed a small 5 waves in position for a pullback. I would view it that the dollars pullback is within a much larger wave 3 and therefore pullback may simply be a gap down on Monday or some shallow consolidation early next week. Fed has spoken by approving all sorts of numbers and talk that indicates they are prepared to change their stance after providing banks the free money carry trade. Retail numbers did not make sense to me as many of the numbers out lately...what they do reflect of Bernake's approval of messages of change in policy. Most of the numbers will be revised and are not credible. But the fact the a positive message is being sent is a deliberate sign that the Fed will change their message.

Watch the dollar...

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