Thursday, February 11, 2010

Market Update

Markets have run, with the small caps outperforming...but for all the noise - not much has been accomplished. Below is an update of the SP500 chart I posted earlier. We appear on target to reach the ideal levels in the 1085ish area with this short squeeze rally. There is some minor resistance shown in the chart above those levels as shown by the horizontal levels.  The Russell 2000 looks like it wants to reach its potential. I have not included an update for that index as nothing has really changed.

Below is an example of the RTS system (Real Time Swings Advanced system) run on the SSO today. That resulted in a short for around $600 and a long for $1500 for a risk allocation of $500. RTS finds real reversals on any chart type in real time and suggests entry prices, entry stops, trailing stops along with appropriate position sizing for risk management based on the trade potential.
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