Friday, May 7, 2010

SSO and SPY Systems

I received requests to show what the SSO and SPY systems have done over the last days. So, I posted these charts. Please be aware that, if you are BPT member, you may have seen some other SSO system trades that Matt may have posted. 

I have given Matt the actual RVS model and he plays with it to build some of the incarnations that you may have seens. Matt does an excellent job with that and has been an extremely positive influence in applying this technology to new instruments and charts. For these reasons, though these are the systems that I have been watching over the last weeks and that use the most updated RVS models, they may not reflect versions that Matt configured. 

Also, keep in mind that it was a challenging week for any system this week...and these charts only reflect the SPY and SSO systems I watch. For example, the ES and UWM Income systems stopped out and the TLT system also stopped out...
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