Friday, May 21, 2010

Votes for sale

In case you want to know who voted for this crony capitalist and "trade your vote for Fed and bank payola" bill, I am including a complete list for the record of who the losers are who supposedly are running our country and trading votes for money.

I simply can not believe that the FED is now SO DAMNED POWERFUL. Where in the real world could you blow up the banking system, crash the economy and kill the currency all at the same time and use that resume to get vastly more power? You can't. There's your answer. In the real world if you had that resume, it would be good if you could print money out of thin air, because you definitely would have to buy your votes and credibility.
“The recession we’re emerging from was primarily caused by a lack of responsibility and accountability from Wall Street to Washington. That’s why I made passage of Wall Street reform one of my top priorities as president, so that a crisis like this does not happen again.” - President Barak Obama
There are many problems with the above statement. One of the most blatant is the most surreptitious, especially coming from a guy who classifies as "from Washington" himself and who is owned by the finance community more than any other. Ironically, the main little problem with Obama's statement above is simply manipulation and fraud by both Wall Street and Washington. This bill is a great example of that. Additionally, if you want to refer to the problem with the words "irresponsible" or "lack of responsibility" - great - that's not much different than manipulation or fraud. Way to go Mr. Obama, suck up to your buddie, I mean boss, Bernake. As a side note, the reference to the recession that we are emerging from will be another anachronism for a president already prone for such things.

None of this bodes well for the stock markets throughout the world aside for a potential pop...a drop looks much more probable when frauds like this are conducted in the open and promoted as sound, honest and productive legislation.

Below is a list of the politicians that are for sale and a few who are not:
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