Sunday, June 20, 2010

40 Years of oil exploration in the gulf...

The most consistent attribute has been cronyist governmental regulation and support. The government is the partner and facilitating investor making the whole charade possible. Corporatist regulation has legalized what was not legal or too risky. Now a company can drill say - "we did nothing wrong"...ironically, the reason the government is posturing with hollow efforts and promises is that they want the exact same thing. "We, your government did nothing wrong. BP's ass is the one we want to nail..." That is what everyone wants - a finger to point while protecting their conflicted adgenda.

This well should have been blown up when it mattered and would not have caused secondary methane and gas explosions of mammoth proportions. Obama and the government knew that. So, why are we here?...feels like familiar territory.

Here's a good summary of the governments statements/view.
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