Monday, July 5, 2010

Iceland could solve all its problems...

...if it followed Trichet's advice and became eligible for loans it can not possibly repay. How in the world could that seem like a reasonable plan? Even Obama's finance team might hesitate for a half a second on that one. But, what's amazing is that the ECB seems to think it was reasonable and they are in charge of the current fiasco - this certainly reinforces my lack of confidence in their confidence game. All Iceland really needed was to join the G-20 and then they could have setup a police state to forcibly take money from people without their cooperation.

The master coverup plan by the Federal Reserve and the US banking system was to implement a massive accounting fraud via derivative's based liquidity generation - please read Derivatives...what the heck were they for? which I wrote regarding the use of derivatives to create the illusion that there is enough money to cover the fractional reserve debt money obligations.
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