Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The manipulators are at it again...welcome to the next bubble

In the past bubbles have been blown by regulated schemes that are designed to encourage mal-investment, speculation, alternate realities and ultimately wealth transfer. The theory is always that there is a completely new way to ignore a problem, that previous practicality was old fashioned and not reasonable relative to the "new" alternative.

Everyone in America needed to have house, because it was a new paradigm. Under both Clinton and Bush, the financial elite used every regulatory mechanism to force feed Americans real estate and legalized nearly any scheme that would allow the concepts to funnel money to Wall Street and make the inflationary debt money expansion scheme to look like a reasonable idea.

So far, this fine administration has also come out with one scheme after the other. This is not that different from most of the administrations in recent history. However, Obama has topped the list with his crazy Wall Street support, financial and regulatory schemes. 

Clearly, politicians either deliberately seek to mis-underestimate, misunderstand and mis-market schemes that are not good for their constituents but rather quite good for their buddies. The stimulus, FRE and FNM guarantees, bailout of JPMorgan, Goldlman Tax, AIG and other big banks and the absolutely disastrous healthcare plan are examples of deliberate deceptions that are not designed to benefit the people but the special interests and the subversive agenda. Ohh, I forgot to add Cap and Trade (and Tax), that's another Obama and Gore biggie.

I have discussed this issue before and its clearly a fraudulent scheme. There is no way to accurately measure or manage the tradable credits and the related products that will popup within cap and trade plan. There are lots of ways to distort and misuse the credits however and of course, the executives at JPM and Goldman Tax and Gore and Company will get quite a nice bonus for many years to come. I imagine Obama will have a corner office at any of these companies or many of them when he's out. There is no question about it, Obama (and most of the legislature too) is corrupt and his idea of "change that you can believe in" is more like "change only a few especially interested rich guys get to believe in". The rest of us have to pay for the fumblings if one wants to generously call them that. I am deeply disturbed by this president. Cap and Trade is a great example of the very same arguments applied to CDO, CMO, CDS crisis all over again. This is an example of legally regulated and created fraud and deception aimed at encouraging complacency and a false sense of security just like the FDIC, FHLN and Fed...and that has not been pretty so will get a lot worse.

Any wonder how we got fractional reserve banking to be to the point that there are NO longer real requirements for collateral from the banks and turned into a derivatives based ponzi money creation scheme?

This video is a good commentary on Cap and Trade and I thought it would be good to add to this post.

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