Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mastercard, Visa, PayPal...constitutional violators canabilse themselves

The way I see it is that governments think that the masses are stupid. They think that the money they print and the liberties that they oversee are easy tools to use to manipulate and steal from their citizens. Bernanke thinks that lies and manipulations are perfectly fine and nobody will be the wiser - just as many of the other wasthington manipulators.

The reality is that people in our world know what is going on. Many people who are calling out these particular websites, and doing so with swift and powerful acknowledgement that the government initiated violations of reasonable freedoms, are not US citizens, yet they know that the behavior of government and its enablers is really really dangerous. They know that the financial system thinks that it is the government because it is...So, in just a few hours these companies Internet based connectivity to the outside world has been taken down.

This symbolism should not go unheeded. The banks, Bernanke and government officials who continue to offend basic liberties and rights will not be in control despite their presumptions that they will. Their lies will not work. These sites were taken down rediculously fast despite serious technical protections, infrastructure and preparation by these companies. None of them would have believed that this could occur this fast or on these particular sites all at once.

The irony is that the control is with the people not the government and the people know what is going on.This is an expression of that and it is stunningly clear that the nation and the world are woefully unprepared and awfully presumptuous.
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