Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food for thought...

If the dollar pattern is valid...then the EURO as shown below is at a critical juncture. The shorts have been blown out of individual CRB components...so the weakness there has good odds that it is just beginning...Today the Russell 2000 was weak compared to the majors because of the commidities weakness. The S and P500 may be looking to slam everyone expecting the expected...fake out city.

Tomorrow we have premarket numbers that I expect will grind the market higher overnight in anticipation. The funny thing is that investors are so confused by the inflation number. They want a low number, even if its clearly flawed, wrong or fraudulent, so that BURNanke can keep up with his market-mayhem but if the number comes in higher than expected then that means BURNanke might have to change his approach...in either case, both concpets are so rediculous they = SELL in my opinion.

Below is the CRB index:
Below is the Dollar

Below is the SP500:
Below is the EURO:
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