Saturday, April 30, 2011

Details in the Obama Document are highly questionable...

I wonder just HOW much stress producing this birth certificate was causing for the Department of State...and what was discussed and especially undocumented disccusions...seems like it may have been quite a bit more than they would like think. Ordinarily, I would expect requests by unauthorized people would require very few state resources...and additional requests by authorized ones are not that frequent or can not require that many resources to handle...something does not add up...with "all the strain on state resources" that certainly may explain the shoddy work producing this document and perhaps some of the impulse for doing so. Additionally, I highly doubt that if I made such a request I would recieve the "authorized" and "duplicate original" as a pdf...especially one with all the manual effort this one has in the pdf. Perhaps that is what she means by "strained resources".
Think about it...if I request my birth certificate, I can simply call the department of state and make the requests...most likely they would make me do it via mail or online and then promptly approve or reject such a request. That action, even if complicated by other issues, can not require more than 5 to 30 minutes of time. If 20 people made the requests we could estimate that handling those requests would take 10 minutes each requiring a total of 3.3 hours of time from the staff at the department of state. If there was something really exceptional, lets add 20 hours...that, anyway you look at it, does not add up to strain on resources.
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