Sunday, June 26, 2011


As many of you are aware, I operate a software analytics business that is primarily focused on systematic trading. A very few early licensed clients run my systems, technology and infrastructure to trade their accounts, currently all new clients are handled by mq38, which is both an advisory and a hedge fund. These vehicles have been performing exceptionally well and that is where I need to and want to keep my focus. I do share quite a bit of information via this blog and I do attempt to give my best analysis. If those efforts are deemed valuable that makes me happy and will continue in the same spirit going forward. I am passionate about trying to make the world a better place - especially the financial world - so, all my clients are important to me...including ones who have purchase indicators via the BPT store in the past.

I do not have the motivation nor spare cycles to continue development of retail products...however, I wanted to reach out to you so that you all know that I will do my level best to ensure that the products I have released via the BPT store will continue to be viable. I have received quite a few emails asking me about this over the last weeks/months and wanted to publicly address the issue and my intentions. This means that I will, as reasonable, adapt versions for upgrades to Multicharts and Tradestation. I will provide significantly more capability for Multicharts versions because that is my chosen platform and the one I use trigger my systems through and I do use most of the indicators that I have written on Multicharts. Tradestation is a great platform but since I use Multicharts for to trigger my trades it gets the majority of my focus.

If you wish to use either Tradestation or Multicharts, I will offer a cross-grade to assist you in that transition and I can assist you in getting a discount for a purchase of Multicharts. I can tell you that, in my opinion, it is most worth it to make that transition - especially with the addition of their manual trading functionality. In addition, I will release on occasion enhancements to existing products. Specifically, I have a significant enhancements to the switch which greatly simplifies it and adds new capabilities and will offer that for Tradestation and Multicharts at this time. I do not, however, at this point, plan on offering new or existing products for sale on the open market in the future for my indicators and analytics. However, I am extending an offer to anyone who wants to purchase any modules and who has not been able to, an opportunity to do so. The retail software market is not my core business, however, I am making this effort at this time to close down this retail effort by giving any existing clients or ones who wanted to purchase but were unable to do so at the Internet store, a chance to do so. I will keep this offer open for the next 2 weeks and anyone who wants to enquire can do so at

Again, I will be, as is reasonable, supporting and enhancing existing products and I want to thank all of you for your interest, business and for reading my blog.
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