Friday, August 19, 2011

QE3 - to be or not to be...

I want to reiterate, that as I had stated before we are in a dollar and equity market sell-off. I expect both to continue lower. Many are expecting a Fed asset purchase liquidity program...if that occurs do not expect a market rally. Apparently some people think that QE2 was a success, however, just as not being in a trade is a trad in itself (I am flat right now)...this market reaction is a direct results of QE2. So, as I stated before, QE2 created a lot of money with which to make charlatan bankers to make malinvestments...but what those same idiots have accomplished is the same thing they always have done...they lost more than they made. QE2 has been a total negative for the volume of money in the system...anyone thinking that asset prices will be saved by a QE3 announcement and quite another thing coming. The fed has ZERO credibility, QE3 will be quickly sold, while the dollar will also be sold temporarily and the EURO will rally temporarily...there may be additional volatility in Gold and Silver...however, the key word is temporarily...the volatility for all assets other than cash will be oriented in one direction...DOWN...very, very far down.

I have remained objective throughout this whole market turmoil of the last 8 months...unlike most analysts and market particiapnts...Additionally, I have also made a lot of money during that is time to be very is time to make sure your buying power is remaining stable or increasing. Being flat here IS increasing your buying power and THAT is a trade - a very successful one at that - which is why I am now patiently waiting for my shorts of EURO, Silver, Gold and long of the Dollar to setup and trigger...has some more work to do but it will be more than worth it.
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