Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mind of Money Interview of Robert Prechter

Douglsss Lodmell interviews Robert Prechter - this is a really good interview and I think rather timely. The dynamics of the market and the financial system are covered very well in it and I think its one of the better ones I have seen of Prechter...I highly recommend that you watch it in its entirety.

On a markets note, we simply came up to and hit my target at 1250 on the SP500 and the market structure has changed little. Credit fueled drunken lunatics are driving shorts out of position and longs into position as precisely the most expensive times and central banks are desperate to try use any asset as potential symbols of solvency...the Gold, Silver and Oil shorts finally triggered today and the currencies are shaping up nicely. US 30 year Treasuries triggered long on monday and that IS NOT a good omen for this rally. I think that as I have said before and as Bob says in this interview...its time to get safe! or as safe as possible...the drop is not going to be pretty at all.
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