Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone - but to Trichet, Mario, BURNanke, Timmy, Merkel, Sarkozy and the FED, may you have the 2012 that you all deserve and earned

Well here we are, another year bites the dust and we are not better for it. To everyone who have had to put up with the clowns in charge and who have had to suffer the consequences for their choices - I  wish you a very successful, healthy and happy new year. However, to the clowns and manipulators who have mortgaged all our futures, have privatized profits and socialized gargantuan amounts of losses and wreaked havoc on our markets and the essence of capitalism and entrepreneurship…I wish you the exact thing that you deserve - Next Year…

I am far from a bitter person, I have had an extremely successful year this year and can only hope that next year is as bountiful and amazing as this one was. But all the good things that I have been fortunate to experience this year DO NOT detract from my downright DISGUST and ANGER at what BURNanke, G-Heist-ner, Obama, Merkel, Trichet, Draghi, Sarkozy and people of their ilk and echelon have done to our society and world. For that, YES, I am bitter.
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