Sunday, January 29, 2012

Greece looks to pull an Iceland…seeks to exit stage left as Central Planners prove no lie is too big, no manipulation too small and no truth is too relevant...

As if there were any other choice, with support like Merkel’s, the ECB’s the IMF’s and others, Greece will surely be forced to default again on any agreement and haircut they make now…only interestingly, Greece, as well as investors targeted by these groups as victims will lose their investment, insurance payouts and premiums as the elites have planned…all so a few insolvent and over leveraged banks may continue to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Any agreement made with Greece will surely result in another default…even if the current agreement results in a 70% loss for investors not counting hedges and premiums. Even though replacing current bonds with a different bond at a haircut and with a new rate maturing in 30 years is still likely to result in default…it will allow zombie banks to pretend and extend. Too bad Greece knows the best way out of this is to pull an Iceland...
Greece plans an orderly exit out of the Eurozone according to two sources close to Mr. Papademos, Greek Prime Minister, who spoke on condition of anonymity earlier today. 
The sources confirmed that plans are ready to return to a legacy currency given the current circumstances and that such exit would be dealt with, quote “in as orderly a fashion as possible” unquote.
Greece plans orderly exit of the Eurozone 
However, the banking elite, have on the public stage, proven that they are not to be trusted via the desperation and urgency of their predicament. Their need is to extend and pretend whether its practical, reasonable or honest…all things that are required for business to succeed. Their actions and their undermining of contracts and trust will not go unnoticed. In addition, they will not succeed and CDS will trigger.

Remember this is NOT about Greece, its about insolvecy underneath all the CDS that has been written to generate phantom revenue for banks to cover up losses and pay bonuses and its about the  deleveraging of the system. Greee is just the tripwire.
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