Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recommendation: Eat at McDonalds and Use as much Xanax as possible…it may soon be required if you follow the current fad advice

As Ray Dalio has missed the entire 2012 move…he will now be certain to get it right and in a big way…by recommending that we borrow as much money as we can to invest in every available asset…next his health recommendation will be an equivelant - to use Xanax every day and then go to Mc Donald’s and stuff yourself with abandon…Tepper, needs no comment…he only comes out when he’s talking his book…CNBC apparently loves a 16 year old stock picker and she’s probably about to get her own show…Sentiment is leveraged long and my sentiment measure is near record highs…hmmm 

Meanwhile bonds have not made meaningful downside progress…and the dollar is diverging with every other currency…I simply could not resist posting…cause there are so many buyers left…among other things…I apologize for my break in posting. I am planing on posting regularly again.
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