Monday, April 15, 2013

Trust GreenSPIN, BURNanke, BarRUFFO, LAGguard, MerKILL or DRUGhi and this is what you will get...

These people are walking disasters. They need to be water boarded and incarcerated in solitary since these people are manipulators, fools and liars of the highest order. They have stolen from anyone who can create something in order to give to people who do not - guys like Jamie DEMON and Lloyd BlankFIEND.

The immeadiate triggers are JAPAN and CHINA then EUROPE - the FED and the US govenrment engineered these economies to emulate our debt pyramid and debt currency tactics - they are the weakest links and will exacerbate the situation and risks till the US and UK join the party.

North Korea is a distraction as are today’s events in Boston…with full symathies to those injured…However, what is really going on is a social upheaval caused by the inability of people to manage their own wealth, happiness or futures because there is always the inflation to fight, interest to pay, the social net to support, the bank to bail out and the war to wage.

JGB’s are next…GOLD was a sideshow…All risk assets especially EQUITIES will get if you think today’s dynamic, $5 billion POMO not withstanding, were interesting just wait… Captial is being destroyed and the Bond Markets may be done too…today’s action in the highest quality bonds was distressing to say the least and smack of the liquidity crisis to end all liquidity crisis’s. What we are witnessing is 10x of 2008…in 2008 the 10year could actually rally…now the capital destruction is so great and the money pyramid so strained that even the safest bonds can not seem to rally during this time of stress…the last thing we need now is a reluctant US and German Bond market.

Hopefully there will be a time for judgement and justice and the central banker of our time and their enablers will be the recipients of it.
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