Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another sign of a top...Dr. Martin Weiss, Phd, Md, Esq, Jr, III

Martin Weiss, in my book, is a freak. He pushed leverage short ETF's at the bottom. His options and leap trades are 90% losers if you check the actual trades...I had to do a lot of work to find a history of his option trades. Most of his trades, in general are losers and he wants to charge you $5,000 a year for advice. (see trade history below)

Interestingly, after 27 years of promoting a deflationist view, Weiss has now converted to an inflationist. Clearly, he is responding emotionally to rising market prices and to all the angry letters from people who bought leveraged short ETF's with out any risk limits. SRS which is one he was promoting at around 100 is now 10 bucks. If you followed his advice he did not advise you when the trade was broken, nor did he advise you that these are depreciating assets. The market could go down 50% in a year and this type of security could be up only 10 to 20%. Now get this, after putting everyone through this...he now is essentially saying buy long ETF's.

If this is not another sign like Faber, Grant and others...I do not know what is. Weiss has to be the worst market timing trading advice I have ever seen and now he is wrong on the fundamental side too - right at the there any better time to change your view?

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