Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jim Rogers has not sold any Chinese Shares since 1999

This is one hell of a volatile ride...china may not see its all time highs for decades...quite likely it will take out its 1999 lows much sooner than that.
Jim Rogers says since 1999, when he bought his first China Shares he has never sold them. Rogers believes that after ten years China stocks will still be rising, but at the same time he has sold all stocks from the other emerging market countries.
Last year in October, he bought stocks in China again. But the Chinese shares he bought were H-shares, B shares, and S shares. He has never bought A shares, since the A shares are too expensive, and perhaps one day, China's H shares, B shares, S shares and A shares will merger as one kind of stocks.
If signs of collapse appear in China's stock market, Rogers would buy more Chinese shares. He thinks this may happen in the near future, but not at the present time , because although China's stock market is making adjustment, no one is selling Chinese stocks in large quantities. Besides, China's stock market rose 80 percent in the past six months, prices have been too high," I will not buy Chinese stocks at this time. After a year or two, I would consider buying Chinese stocks again" Rogers added

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