Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate dan eric on two prescient calls that he made.
  1. The dollar ending diagonal (several weeks ago)
  2. The gold triangle (also several weeks ago)
Both of these calls and counts have played out as Dan had illustrated. I wish the P3 would have happened today as we were looking for...but I it looks like were are very nearly complete here.

In any case, I would also like to add that Dan is of course a much better elliotician than I am.  I like to write analytics and code for trading and trading systems, so please defer to his labeling when in doubt...Dan is consistent, timely, accurate and quite an asset for us all. My question to you Dan is: have you ever considered working for EWI? I spoke at length with some of the people there...seems like you could be a tremendous value to them too?

I any event congratulations on your tremendous work...and thanks.

Speaking of EWI...everyone should hear this hour long interview with Bob Prechter...its very interesting. Click here for the mp3 audio

p.s. please forgive my crude labeling sometimes and thanks for your feedback
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