Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dr. Morris Cerullo - Minister, Evangelist - Socionomist?

Morris calls himself a doctor. He created a ministry for which he accepts donations via informercials. And, if you see these informercials you think - "Only in America". In any event, he seems to have capitalized on the negative social mood in rather a timely manner - namely right at the bottom - in March. I guess he must have sold all his stocks then. At that time, considering his potential of capitalizing on loss (his and everyone else's), I imagine he came up with the idea for the "Financial Breakthrough Bible". In any case, I think this video is a telling statement about our times and certainly our social mood. Right now his special promotion of the month seems to be "Debt Cancellation". Interesting...Funny...Sad.

Morris Cerullo is an ordained Assembly of God Minister and Healing Evangelist. His personal ministry mansion and two-story home is over 12,000 sq ft. It is behind two secured gates in the richest neighbourhood in America and has been estimated at over $12 million. Mr Cerullo and his wife are the only two that live there, and report that they are on the foreign field 70% of the time... what a waste of God's money!
Cerullo refers to himself as `Dr. Cerullo,' although he does not have any degree earning him this title," says Lundy. "He runs MCWE from offices in San Diego, which he calls `mission control,' but he does not serve as the minister of any physical church or congregation." Cerullo raised millions of dollars and bought the defunct PTL Network, theme park and conference grounds from bankruptcy court after Televangelist Jim Bakker's career ended when he was convicted and sent to federal prison for fraud."
Morris Cerullo's sky limousine, a Gulstream G4, is estimated to be worth $50 million. He has two full-time pilots and a stewardess who said in depositions that the plane has a gold-plated interior. He has had three similar private jets since.
A Cerullo Story
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