Friday, October 30, 2009

Market Observations - Dollar Poised

The dollar is poised and ready...just below key resistance. Ironically, most are looking for a bounce...if the dollar does breakout...then we will need to be looking for a cascade lower. So far, the dollar has guided me very well through this current pattern. Right now, I favor a small bounce followed by a dollar breakout and an equities cascade lower. What this means is that immediate resistance may provide a convenient point for some dollar selling or consolidation...and we can not underestimate how minimal that may be. Once this resistance is broken the effect will be a strong rally for the dollar and heavy selling of inflation assets. SP 500 targets for me on this move will be 970 area with a hesitation at the 1016-1020 area.

EURO divergence has been and will likely continue to be a great trigger for trading and has revealed the dollar and market patterns prior to them occurring - sometimes by as much as 30 minutes. It is currnetly my primary trade setup vehicle. If there is no divergence between the EURO and the SP500 I do NOT do a trade.

The fractional reserve system is dead...and the impact of that will be an exploding dollar. Which is why we have to worry about the impending breakout on the dollar chart. To understand more about this subject please read the feature articles posted on the upper right on this blog.

Below is an unchanged old chart of the SP500 that I posted over the last few weeks.

Below is a very good chart from Matt Fraily for the UUP.

Below is an unchanged old chart of IWM that I posted on the 21st of September.

Below is a chart of Oil that I have been monitoring over the long-term. 

First resistance held...we have not yet made it to the upper resistance which is around 87 to 90...which is rather disappointing for the pattern. Depending on next week's action in the dollar, we will see if there is any upside potential remaining.

The Gold Equities GDX chart below this is from Matt at and demonstrates that gold stocks are leading physical gold, as they usually do. If that is the case, any bounce for commodities will be muted.

Below is another chart from of the SPX.

I do not love the count of the wave 4 as it is labelled. But I do think that we are putting in some sort of triangle or flat here for wave 4. This is appropriate alternation and may reflect what the dollar chart seems to indicate - which is that an upside breakout on the dollar will make equities want new lows before we get a sizable bounce.

above chartcourtesy of matt fraily,
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