Friday, January 8, 2010

Monday Special

Since the March 9th, the Dow has had 30 “up” Mondays (or Tuesdays after a Monday holiday) out of a possible 43. That’s equal to 70 percent. And 16 of the past 18 Mondays being “up” (I just mentioned) equals 89 percent. Then incredibly, 80 percent of all the point-gains since March 9th came on those 30 Monday up-days - from evil speculator
Maybe the fed will try to do it again and get the market to blow off the few remaining shorts - 1150 to 1165 on the SPX could be possible...if they do rally it as usual. If they do not and are planning to surprise the bulls who have their planned or open monday trades as of today...then we could be in a very interesting day.
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