Friday, July 23, 2010

"Its a very serious test"...really it is...

“It is a very serious test,” Franz-Christoph Zeitler, a member of the executive board of the Bundesbank, Germany’s central bank, said at a news conference in Frankfurt. “All this criticism was absolutely premature.”
The stress tests, similar to an exercise conducted in the United States last year, were intended to rebuild confidence in European financial institutions that has been shaken by the sovereign debt crisis. Uncertainty about which banks may be sitting on piles of Greek debt and other potentially toxic assets has made institutions reluctant to lend to each other as well as to businesses, and acted as a drag on economic growth. - nytimes
What I find interesting is that a stress test designed to rebuild confidence can accomplish that rather duplicitous task and surreptitious goal. I am rather confident that this is not a stress test but rather another piece in the charade to paint numbers with different colors in the hope that people don't recognize them for what they are and continue believing that the debt based fractional reserve money creation mechanics can create enough principle to pay the interest on the new principle they create. Thankfully, anyone who thinks that sentence sounds a little conflicted probably understands that the results of more charades and lies will suffer a similarly conflicted state. The difference is that by that time all the rich banks and bankers will have transfered any remaining assets into their books and the bills onto ours.

What is interesting is that the one thing you would expect on a stress test is what would happen if a EURO nation defaulted...or if a large bank imploded because of it. Naahhh, that type of analysis does not belong on a serious stress test. So, the people most likely to come up with this fairy tale have got to be the same people who told us the there was no subprime crisis or recession and unemployment was not a problem...speaking of which I think they just said it again:
"The White House said it expects unemployment will stay at or above 9% until 2012, and that the 2010 deficit will come in at $1.47 trillion" - cnn money
"But again, you are seeing a recovery," says Geithner in an interview to be shown on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday morning. "You're seeing private investment expand again, job growth starting to come back. And that's very encouraging."
  • Also, you may think FDIC insurance is $250,000 per account...right? Wrong! They tumpet the ponzi scheme when they need to and then conveniently sweep the reversion back to $100,000 per account under the rug...did you hear this get any press early in the year when it was rolled back? (Note 7/26/10: The new finance reform bill permanently sets the FDIC insurance level at $250,000.)
  • FDIC bank seizures are tracking well above last year same time (70 vs 102), but that doesn't matter does it...Ever wonder how many of those passed the FED's stress tests?
lets see how this plays out...most likely not like the propagandists are saying, in my opinion.
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