Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still alive...

Well, I am still alive...I have been working on a very sophisticated release that is now finally in UAT mode after months and months of work. So, I have been totally overwhelmed. Additionally, there have been no market events that have played out unexpectedly so far, so not much to update there. We are still long the hedges that were put on relative to our short futures trades. I will post when we close that position and am also working on a post regarding this type of trading and its psychological basis, foundations and potential.

The market is indeed interesting here...Bonds screaming deflation. In fact, I see the Bonds Up/Sock Market up - bond/equity arb blow up as a major influence on the market dynamics right now. Correllations are either extremely tight or breaking down...these are natural symptoms of de leveraging but very unnatural to trade and difficult to accept. While all this is happening Geithner is now writing Op-Ed marketing pieces for his screenplays in the New York Times and Bernake apparently is getting into the hedge fund business properly by planning entities to purchase worthless assets and mark them fraudulently until he can figure out how to compensate for the 40% drop in the volume in money over the last year. Stimulus is creating lots of new street building projects we don't need and paying unions that we also don't need while disrupting already fragile businesses on the streets that did not really require the work to begin with. That is happening all over miami...Obama and company just get it right everytime. Good thing Obama works for Bernake...What a bunch of losers these guys are.

All interesting stuff and interesting times.

I am working a few new feature, be patient with me. One of the things that I like about trading swing systems is that you get breaks in between the trades and I have tried to use this last one to force this release into fruition. it is surprisingly difficult to concentrate fully when you have large positions on as we did in July...I was relaxed but the size of the trades was larger last month than usual which was certainly interesting. So. I apologize for my lack of posts the last few days, however, I have not had many free cycles left...and I am handicapped because I am not blessed with very many cycles to begin with. ;-)
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