Saturday, December 18, 2010

180 Degrees - its getting hot out there

I did these interviews with Douglass in the first few days of November before the fed announcement regarding QE. It is important to understand the spirit of the conversation is casual. The goal is to educate people in general terms regarding what is happening in the financial system and to empoer or inspire them to figure out their own way. Understand that the achievement of life's goals means having the courage to use its dissonances as trigger points and inspiration and to focus on tyring to keep things simple.

Right now there are quite a lot of manipulators looking to confuse as many people as possible. Just look at the ridiculous interview that Ben Bernanke did on 60 minutes. Keeping in mind that a bear market's objective is that nobody wins,  means that it would be especially important for one to be flexible practical and not suceptible to stepping in front of traps. The last section of the interviews discusses the power of dissonance and looking at a 180 degree different view has enabled very powerful results in my work. 

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