Friday, December 17, 2010


I will be posting new charts and updates on my systems view of the markets. As you may be aware, I am currently short Gold from around 1400, Silver from an around 30, EURO from 1.345 and 1.41, the S&P, DOW, Russell, Mid Caps and Nasdaq back on weekly shorts with full positions at these levels. There have been quite a lot of intraday long trades but we are now re initiating weekly system reticulation short trades on these markets and have been seeing some daily system activity around these levels.

November was a fantastic month, the second biggest of the year with returns for the month of roughly 18% for moderate risk allocations and substantially higher for aggressive ones.

So, far December has been a good month for shorter term and intraday trades and now we have some swing trades running. So, we will see how those go. All in all, 2010 has been very kind to the systems and my clients. I am hoping that 2011 will continue that trend as well as being a productive and positive year for all of you. My focus is on capital preservation with a core tenet of keeping as much cash out of the banking system as possible and I really want to encourage people to investigate this.

2011 will be a very dangerous year in my opinion for the insolvent large banks of the world. The results should be rather chaotic and confusing which continues the trend of the last years. Lots and Lots of misinformation, manipulation and unknown risks. I think its time for people to start looking seriously at cash as an investment via short-term treasury bonds of US, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland.

Its almost time to exit stage left...
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