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Yes, Nuclear power is safer than ever...but that is not the question

Nuclear power safer than ever before
DARRELL ISSA — 49th District North County Times Sunday, March 29, 2009 12:00 am

Nuclear power is one of the safest, most efficient, and sadly underappreciated assets available to our nation. In 2008, nuclear power in the United States produced more than 800 billion kilowatt-hours, equal to 19 percent of our total electricity output -- representing nearly 75 percent of U.S. carbon-free electricity

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Just like always, people plan for what they think is most likely and then balance the unlikely risk against profit or greed or their agenda. The reality is that we do not even know how to deal with nuclear fuel waste. The same people who attempt to counterspeak and double speak about this fact look just like many of the academics and professors in their Inside Job interiews - troubled for words. We do not control nuclear energy or fuel it controls us. The irony is that there are other ways to create energy that are do not result in contaminating the world for thousands of years. The other reality is that the shock to the system in Fukushima was forseeable and while preventable is an example of what one should expect if there were another type of Black Swan event. War.

Now, lets just acknowledge that we live in a society where there will never be another large scale war. There will never be any military attack that touches US, Russian, Chinese or European soil. If you believe that then you are free to believe that nuclear energy is safer than ever before. Given all the war mongering and the incitement of the Lybian riots by the US government and our interest in imperialism in many places our interests should not be...we are doing a great job of laying the foundations for larger scale and longer-term conflicts. I have addressed this issue in many posts over the last years, and I think it is obvious that a defaulted debt money system breaksdown order, control and balance in the global power systems and governments. This easily facilitates unrest and lays the ground rules for aggression and large scale conflicts. Keep in mind for example that China has large investments in oil facilities in Northen Lybia...we are certainly on the radar there and perhaps the Chinese naval presence early on in this conflict should be looked at as a symbol of that.

The US play's an arrogant game. We engineer NATO which is our personal play toy and then use it for cover to indicate that there is a consenus and multinational underpinning for our imperialism. But nobody in their right mind would believe that...if we push this too far...my question is how long it is before we find that a bunker buster missile is targeting nuclear facilities on US and European soil? Given the clear lack of controlability in dire siutations that nuclear fuel and reactors present, will we be able to stabilize a catastophic event at a nuclear plant or would we end up lying about it and causing massive humanitarian damage?

The reality is, as I have said before, our money system represents our collective spirit and attitude. Our attitude is one based on entitlement, optimistic minimsated risk assumptions, private adgenda's and short cuts. We need a value based society, one that asks bigger questions and demands better and healthier answers. The reason nuclear power is necessary in the way that currently exists is that we operate on the exponential curve that is required for compensate for a flawed and deceptive financial system that transfers control and assets from people to bankers by creating more debt than can ever be repaid. In order to accomplish this task we must grow everything at a rate that ultimately impoverishes the world and consumes all of our resources. So, is nuclear energy safe?

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