Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything playing out according to plan

So, we are about to default, ehhh? I guess that's why rates, as I suggested would happen, are making new lows on the US 30 year bonds. But they don't talk about that in the media...instead they talk about the catastrophic interest rate hikes that will happen after Aug 2...sometimes its really hard to believe this is not just one big conspiracy. What's more we had a nearly 2% revision to GDP today...I question the motiviations behind that number both as previously reported which had to be known by officials to be highly inflated and the one published today. A 2% change in GDP is not a little accident that happens in a revision...but I guess with all the highly reliable smoke and mirrors going on with the employment numbers BURNanke and his buddies think they have this smoke and mirrors, data revision, data deception scam down to a science already.

The dollar is selling off along with the equity markets which I also suggested would happen...and the EURO is struggling to remain in its bounce...I expect that it will be able to make some new waves higher on this bounce. However, I can not imagine that it makes the ideal targets. Therefore, I would not be surprised to see the EURO make it to between 1.47 and 1.5.

All in all, there is no possibility of default for the US and the relative choices people have are not very good. So, here we have it, the US will not default - no question...Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and a host of others will default. Emerging markets will be dramatically impacted by this instability and their financial systems and infrastructure will be compromised...where are you going to put your money when you hope to get over 98% of it back? Its not going to be silver, gold - its going to be US dollar Treasuries and a few other domination's of government debt not associated with Emerging Markets or the Euro.
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