Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Central Planners have decided to blow the place up...

It is clear, especially when you take into account my previous post, that the central planning community is aware of the destructive nature of their policies. They have now decided to give up the ruse that they are trying to protect us and provide stability. they have decided to crash asset prices. This is apparent due the clearly conflicted agenda that is coming from all the big bureaucratic mouth pieces.

Various credit agencies, for one example, have recently downgraded major government debt in clear contrast to their previous patterns of behavior. Anyone who believes that they had such a turnabout due to self-reflection and introspection or because they just felt like it was time to do the right thing, can simply refer to Warren Buffet’s recent tax propaganda and hype for reference. Certainly, if I ran a company that required long assets by its very nature and then required manipulation, backroom deals, bailouts and cronyism to function…I would want the eak out every little bit of extra tax I could, so that I could try to influence its use and ultimately so it could be used to prop up my credit money inflated balancesheet that I know is going to get decimated.

The reality is that the amount of money raised by taxing the rich is insignificant in the big picture and Warren Buffet has officially lost any credibility that he still had left. Obama is a disaster and Ron Paul will likely become president in the case we have a major financial and economic collapse - this is something I have predicted for many years in private and publicly.

Well, here we have it, the biggest collapse of all time is not just going to happen - the cronyists in government and in their contingents are making certain that it does. In the past, they would have tried to suppress unwanted negatives and mask their agenda…now big tax increases, sovereign debt downgrades at precisely the wrong time are the norm and their agenda is being laid more and more bare for all to see…and what’s more, it is NOT a random amalgamation of events…it is sanctioned from the highest levels and specifically designed to destabilize our markets and economies. Anyone, therefore, thinking that the Fed will come out tomorrow being a dove and an angel is likely going to get a swift and sharp jab to the upper jaw…Ben is done, but his job is not. His and Timmy’s job is to transfer the wealth of a sovereign nation and people into private hands, he has not completed that job and will not quit until he has.
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