Friday, September 9, 2011

Inflation biased analyst’s just DO NOT get it...

Sorry to say it…but the currency machinations are an expression of the credit money system. They are and expression of the conflict that people have clamoring for available cash amounts the vast amounts of defaulting credit…since cash is not available, ironically, Tyler (as most people who study this subject), has it totally backwards. The Swiss actions related to Franc are highly deflationary not inflationary…its just amazing to me that people just don’t understand everything is the exact opposite of the way it appears…just as with nearly any good trade. But I guess when silver is $1.60 and the Dollar is over 200 Tyler and Sprott will finally get it. Don’t get me wrong I like Tyler, but that does not change the fact that he just does not get it…but then again that’s why some of my managed accounts are up well over 50% so far this month (and up hundreds of percent over the last year) - I would love to see his results. These fundamental misunderstandings regarding the nature of money and the unwind of the credit money system will be bankrupting quite a lot of people by the looks of things.
Competitive currency devaluations and currency debasement throughout history have led to inflation and the impoverishment of the mass of the people.
The Swiss franc’s 10% plummet against gold this week clearly shows how cash is far from ‘king’ and no fiat currency in the world, in any bank in the world can be considered a “safe haven”. -
That analysis is plainly WRONG as an analog to our current conditions!
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