Friday, September 9, 2011

Systems Close Shorts and Dollar Long...

Today, rather unexpectedly, my systems got flat all of their equity shorts and flat the currency trades. The markets may run further but I am now flat going into the weekend. This was a rather amazing month…with some account results over 100% for the month but overall performance averaging over 40% returns for the month. I get big months like this several times a year…but it still amazing to see the trades close.

I think its rather interesting that the systems covered and I am happy to be flat…certainly dangerous times we live in and challenging trading. I would not be surprised with anything out of our fearless money printing credit pushers. But in any case, I hope everyone takes this as a symbol that things are NOT ok and addresses their risks appropriately.

9/11 was a big event personally for me as my office was right there by the World Trade Center and it effected me and many of my friends directly - my thoughts are with all the people who lost loved-one’s this weekend. Have a safe weekend.
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