Friday, November 11, 2011

When the cat is away…BURNanke is in the fray

The reality is as we sit here assorted non Greek/Italian bond markets are imploding. The US bond market is closed and there are way less places to play in the markets today without that market open. Of course if you were a mentally challenged central banker you would prefer to try paint rosy pictures on days when there is less money in play - even while around you Rome burns…

Forex and Repo activity is signficantly reduced without active trades in the Bond markets to support…this makes Equities a fund place for Central Banksters to play when the cat’s not on duty and additionally, you have money flow in the markets chasing momentum that would normally be chasing bond momentum.

Meanwhile the dollar index is in a zigzag pullback and testing its support trend line off the highs as well as finding support at its 300 day MA.

Here are some charts…

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