Sunday, November 13, 2011

Party like its 2008...

Earlier in the year, I posted charts showing the major foreign indexes and the Nikkei…those patterns have played out to a tee…the US markets have been MUCH stronger and have had much more effort placed in the by our illustrious banking cartel leadership. That is about to change as their bullets have turnd from lead to rubber and now sand…

The interest that people have in the triangle that I posted about on Friday is very much like the head and shoulders pattern idenfied by CNBC and the general public in 2009…everyone sees this continuation pattern…but its most likely only going to occur in their imagination.

Earlier in the year I posted a buch of charts documenting the state of the European markets…I will be adding some more european charts to this post…but you may be interested in a look back...A rush out of risk leaves almost NO choices

I will be adding some more charts to this post, including one if the non- triangle pattern occuring in the nasdaq.

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