Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All bought out…with no where to go...

The dollar will rally as the market and financial system dissolves from within. There is little more to add.

There is a feeling that there is, as a friend and client put it to me “Nothing but Blue Sky”…I beg to differ with that perspective. There is a mammoth selling event setting up NOW. As you may or may not know by now, that is something I am prepared for. The market does not belong here. It has not belonged anywhere near here and its not going to be back here for a VERY long time. There simply are very few market participants who are available to be buyers, very few reasons to buy and very little security in doing so.

The Fed and central planners may desperately want to do QE…but they can not with the results of their engineering on display showing false success within equity and risk asset prices. We have reached critical mass. I will not post charts…it is unnecessary at tonight…as nothing has changed fromt he previous ones I have posted.
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