Monday, January 23, 2012

Dollar kissing 50 day and neckline

As JPM and Goldman send everyone shorting Treasuries and ECB officials try to generate any good will towards the EURO by attempting to force Iran to buy EURO…both Treasuries and the Dollar are coming into support and likely will be bruising people expecting the popular outcomes. AUD is hitting my resistance lines exactly which gave it just a smidgen of upside and rates are getting very ripe in their patterns too.
Meanwhile, Equities are at their 2008 tribute line - I would like to remind that 1,318 was the target for the ES futures…and it appears we are getting right into that zone…welcome to the world of leveraged finance and central planning.

...and a rather interesting video of the European bureaucrats attempting to avoid answer any question that is harder than "what’s your name?". Meanwhile, the same UNELECTED officials can effectively and single handedly declare war on Iran and force them to buy EURO’s at the sametime…this stuff is not funny.
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