Saturday, March 30, 2013

ECB, FED, EJB, BOJ, JPM, GS, BAC, UST - lets play hot potato(e)

"FDIC has taken care of every single person effected by the financial crisis" according to BURNanke…”not one has lost a single dollar”…is that an answer to the question of whether it possible to have haircuts on US accounts for US account holders on US shores? Shiela Bair apparently is smart enough to have vacated FDIC before she was to be asked that question under similar official scruitiny.
Kyriacos Loizides, a 53 year old businessman, said: "Next week there will be huge demonstrations [in Cyprus]. I think there will be violence and killings. People will take revenge against the people who created this scandal, this tragedy.” And we have not had anyother EU bank blow ups yet…or US - all of which is waiting in the wings.
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