Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Corzined? Bernanked? − officially make it to the urban vocabulary

This is from the urban dictionary, seeing as not one wall street executive has been held properly accountable for stealing from the U.S. it is apparnetly called being “corzined”.

word: corzined

  • When something of value is stolen, and everyone who was in charge of safeguarding the valuable claims ignorance of just about anything. People in charge who confronted with questions about the valuable items usually answer, "I just dont know where it is" or claim that the valuables were "vaporized" when it was their job to know
  • This comes from the MF Global scandal, and their CEO Jon Corzine, who stole 1.6 billion dollars of client money testified that he didn't know where the money was or where it went. Several other financial officers of the firm also claim total ignorance of everything and claim the money was "vaporized”.
  • Apparently claiming total ignorance of everything also clears you of all criminal charges as well.
Dude 1:  I trusted Mike to watch my cooler of beer last night when I took my girlfriend home. When I came back, all my beer was gone.
Dude 2: I didn't see him anywhere near it man, he was talking to some whores when you were gone.
Dude 1:  oh shit, I just got corzined! I can't even confront him about it because he'll probably kick my ass.
Dude 2:  looks like you learned a painful lesson. Don't trust Mike with your beer.
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