Sunday, April 7, 2013

JGB “nuclear weapon” Watch…

JGB’s continue to get slammed…I will update this post as new developments happen in JGB markets for the benefit of those who can not get JGB data which can be a pain to find…”Kamikaze" & “Bernanke" two similar sounding words apparently with similar meanings. If JGB selloff accellerates expect sustained and huge liquidations in all risk asset markets. Apparently the main stream media will start catching on to how significant the JGB and Yen issue is once its already too late to be useful. Right now, its "out of sight - out of mind”.

9:08 am: Apparnetly 3:00 am ramp is good for defaulting Governmnet Bonds too, though I would not call this strong action for JGB’s

2:07 am: JGB’s halted again…what good that will do I don’t know…in this case, a slow motion margin call is not that much different than a real-time one ultimately…it just takes longer and invokes more fear and distrust. Attributes that, though in very limited quanitity among central bankers right now, are nonetheless appearing to be being destroyed.

1:46 am: JGB weakness continues after halt, USDJPY near highs, Nikkei Recovers to new highs…completely broken markets ready for uncontrolled demolition

11:57 pm: Obviously BOJ efforts did not amount to much more than any of their other efforts

11:50 pm: Clearly BOJ is feeling heat. JGB’s halted and then gap up after 20 minutes…I fail to see how this instills any confidence…could this possibly be called a market?

8:15pm: Gap down no halts yet…but halts are looking promising unless BOJ can get the boys at Cerberus to turn the comptuers back on...
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