Monday, April 29, 2013

Everything that is WRONG with our financial system (and its enablers) is obvious…

Some would love to play a hand or few of poker. Its highly questionable if they would feel so inclined knowing that the deck was stacked artificially to an adversaries advantage or that someone was able to see their hands. That is unless you happen to be Jim O’Neill and GoldmanTax…for a select few a stacked deck and compromised hand is their definition of panacea. Jim, probably pays for a few mansions a year on the commissions he gets peddling his ability to handle central bank order flow and provide asset services. If your livelihood and your ability to buy 12 beautiful sailing yachts and a few mansions was impacted by a few little central banks, I am quite sure your interview would most likely not be that different than Jim’s below. But how else can I say it…WHAT AN A**HOLE. Goldman does not escape that definition either. If you read my blog you know, I have NEVER used any inappropriate adjectives. I aim to show restraint…but this is just disgusting. If you can print money, you can NOT buy stocks with it. Finis. Over. Out. Gone. Done. Complete. The only pretense I can come up with that would make it acceptable would be if your mansion and your yacht depended on it. But then, that would only be acceptable to you and not to the good of your fellow citizens. I suggest that EVERYTHING that is wrong with our financial system, BURNanke, BlankCHECK, JP MOREgan etc all espouse the same self-serving and truly disgusting complacency, idiocy and outright deception as that of our dear JIM.

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