Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FED has NO credibilty, no SENSE and no Plan…untested medicine and unintended consquences

The speakers make some excellent points about the FED’s QE being a liability for the economy.

I have pointed out many many times that the FED has directly been blowing bubbles in leveraged markets and actually hampering any real economic recovery for real people. Apparently, the FED did not see a 80% drop in oil after a 100+% risk in only a short time as an issue that it could have contributed to. Nor does the FED see the blood that it has on its hands in triggering the Arab spring which has been anything but. In fact, I wrote  post called “BURNanke has blood on his hands”. Since the FED and adjust the CPI and it can be remodelled by them at any time, they can eliminate any unfavorable data points at their whim…they are doing this in nearly every case in the last 30 years…thay are not understanding any of their manipulations and interventions.

The FED has "Over promised and Under delivered…” and it has been the chief lemming leading all the other lemmings right to the edge of the same cliff.
Below is key commentary excerpted from Kevin Walsh’s interview.
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