Friday, May 24, 2013

Is a CRASH imminent? central bankers in CHAOS - now peddling their most desperate marketing efforts for their ponzi schemes overtly via the media

BOJ was out tonight begging people not to sell anything, not to worry and above all that things are just peachy…what we are witnessing is price stability and full employment…and yes its totally normal price stability for stock markets markets to swing 5 to 6% in a day and bond markets 1 and 2% not to mention risk being up 17 out of 19 days…and indexes up double digit percents in a matter of months on declining revenues and fundementals.

I did some screen grabs of the Nikkei the other day, and I have to tell you, I can not understand any fundamental excuse for the insanity behind the concept of changing nothing more than a divisor could merit such a tremendous outlay of resources. It is apparently something that only a central banker such as Ben BURNanke, DRUGhi or CORRODEah may be able to understand. It appears one way or the other BOJ will have to choose which is the more important market and then attempt to save that one for just a few more days. What these idiot have done is make a mockery of the markets, financial system and stolen from their countries at such a rate as has never been seen in previous history. They should be in JAIL and have now provided dynamite, kindling, wood, gasoline and the fumes for what should have only been a barbeque…

Goodnight Mr. Central Bankers…sleep well.
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