Friday, June 11, 2010

RVS ES Daily Income begins a short position and SP500 system overview

Whether or not the markets require more work to resolve the dynamic of the last weeks...any upside follow through on monday will likely lead to some pullback. If that pullback were to become something more extreme it would not surprise me. However, as I indicated, and counter to many bearish views, until the swing systems take shorts, I am not looking for a major inflection point on the upside just yet. I have stated before that it would be uncharacteristic for the SP500 swing systems not to catch a big short if one were setting up. I stand by that view.

Below are the charts of what is happening with some primary systems I trust for market moving triggers. I've also included the trade for trade equity curves. The ES swing system dates back to the inception of the futures contracts and is capitalized with around 20,000$ per trade. Please understand that to trade this system $20,000 represents an allocation amount and therefore represents a portion of an account.

RVS ES Daily Income
Dufus of dufuses...I have this model programmed to trade reversals but had the capability turned off. That has been updated on the trade servers and is in the latest release - so we WILL get reversal trades in live trading starting Monday. Below is the chart with reversal trades enabled. Obviously, we missed a trade. Also, below is a P&L for this Income system since inception of the ES e-mini futures (1999) with 10% of the profits reinvested. Starting risk capital is around $25,000.

RVS ES Daily Swing
Below is the same system with 10% of the profits reinvested. Starting weighted risk capital is around $25,000 for both PL's. All trades end of day market-on-close.

RVS SSO Daily Swing
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