Monday, February 7, 2011


Brought to you by your friendly Mr. BURNanke, Mr. Paulson-Tax, Mr. Alan GreenCRAP, Larry SUM-UM-UM UMers, Robert Rudin and Mr. Timmy "Magnifying-glass" G-HEIST-ner...

Today, the fed is spewing more lies, Obama is begging business leaders to eat fruitcake and spend reserves even though they can not find a profitable venture to spend and expand...just spend the money to help America please (is he totally out of his mind?)...and the central bankers fiddle all over the world. The game is up...and your plans have failed. The market will unwind your lies with its collapse and will take no prisoners. It will reward your reputations as they deserve to be rewarded.

Your market manipulation is OVER. Your plans are dead and your legacies will be that of failure and corruption.
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